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How to Read Your Electric Bill

Your energy bill is just paying for the electricity you use, right? You may be surprised. Watch as Paul illustrates the different fees of your bill and what they mean to you.

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  • An overview of Energy Conservation and what it involves
  • How to mathematically convert different units with ease
  • Creating a simple model with your data to perform amazing analysis
  • Differences between Green, Alternative, and Advanced Fuels
  • Understanding which lights are best for each application
  • How to determine when to use Natural Gas versus Electricity
  • What you need to measure the efficiency of your facility
  • Practical use of an Illuminometer and why you would want one
  • Practical use of an Anemometer and why you would want one
  • Practical use of a Laser Thermometer and why you would want one
  • Practical use of a Hygrometer and why you would want one