What We Do

What Do We Do?

Our approach is to use our Energy Elements to systemically reduce your costs while we work in your existing Company Culture. We have a strong philosophy of integrating Energy Conservation into your existing systems rather than creating new systems that complicate your life and burden your employees.

This first chart you what is possible with an Integrated Energy Program. Many consulting firms help you solve a problem, but after they leave, the problem slowly returns to your operation. What sets us apart is our approach. We invest in your people to integrate the Program into their daily work. It is incorporated into your culture so that you are no longer dependent on external resources.

Integrated Energy Program Results
Repeated Results

The second chart shows you how an Integrated Energy Program will deliver repeated results month after month, year after year. Each month’s results will show an improvement over the same period from the prior year.

The Energy Elements are at the heart of the Integrated Energy Program. No step by itself is complicated or magical. But when each step is executed as a part of the whole, significant improvements will occur. And as we execute these 12 Energy Elements, we teach and guide your Organization to do this on their own. It will become their system and they will be empowered to maintain the results.

The Energy Elements

Big or small, we are ready to help. We can:

  • Develop and Execute a multi-Site Energy Conservation Program
  • Integrate your Energy Conservation and “Green Fuel” efforts
  • Execute your Energy Conservation Projects
  • Turn-key Chillers, HVAC, Metering & Monitoring, High Efficiency Lighting, Micro-turbine NG Generators, Heat Recovery, VSDs, Magna-drives
  • Technology Feasibility Studies
  • Interface with your Utility Company on your behalf
  • Study and Secure Local, State and Federal Incentives, Grants, and Rebates
  • Perform Data Analysis and Utility Regression Analysis
  • Compliance with Legislation (such as CA AB32)