"Paul Hullar's leadership has had a tremendous impact to the Family Care Business at Procter & Gamble. The Energy Program that he developed and led delivered over $100 Million in savings to our bottom line. Furthermore, Paul integrated the work into our existing HPWS and TPM programs for a seamless execution of the work. This became the base for the company-wide energy program. Paul's strong leadership, technical knowledge, and business acumen are a powerful skill-set that allows rapid application of his Energy Program to real bottom line results.

Paul has led this effort across more than 15 of our plants in 7 different countries. His style and approach allow him to cross cultural boundaries and differing plant structures and designs. Paul has created a great Team at Brightwave Energy."

- Fuad Abdullah, Regional Director, Procter & Gamble, Middle East and Africa; President & CEO - HIFO

"Paul has helped Elementa Group grow amazingly over the past 2 years. Paul led us through engineering and design strategies on our first commercial project, allowing us to reduce tens of millions of dollars in project costs.

He made our decision matrix easy, with in-depth support information and guidance to align with our end-game strategy.

If you want real engineering & design, energy efficiency and operational strategies that work, coupled with effective implementation – where you know you will get the results – definitely use Paul Hullar and the Brightwave team."

- Jay Zwierschke, CEO and Founder of Elementa Group Inc.

“I partnered with Paul Hullar at Brightwave Energy to improve our bottom line. Paul has invaluable insight in reducing energy costs in the Hospitality Industry; he provided strong leadership and technical support to our team, and was able to work with our local utility company to maximize our rebates and incentives. He understands what is required to leverage the available technologies into significant bottom line savings, and stays focused on translating ideas into profits.

Not only was the savings of benefit to the hotel’s profitability, but the approach that was used greatly enhanced the guest’s experience through improved climate control, lighting, and security.”

- Dieter Huckestein, Retired Chairman & CEO, Conrad Hotels, Former Chairman of the American Hotel and Lodging Association