Awards and Recognition

Brightwave Energy carries a continual effort to improve sustainability, reduce energy costs, and share energy-saving information with those in the community. We have been recognized for these efforts on numerous occasions, and we desire to continually enlighten whomever we may.

Pacific Coast Business Time's Who's Who Four years in a row!

Who's Who

Paul Hullar has been recognized as a Leader in Clean Technology for the Who's Who in Cleantech and Sustainability.

Paul is honored to hold this title for every consecutive year since 2011.

Anahuac University Speaker's Recognition

Paul Hullar teamed up with Jose Luis Esparza at Gaia Energy to present an energy-focused course at Anahuac University's 2014 Energy Conference. The workshop provided engineering students with real-life problem solving as they analyzed different provided technologies, selecting the best options for aiding different manufacturing companies outlined in the course. Students were to find the most economically stable and efficient combinations of programs and technologies, catering to the individual state of each manufacturing facility. The workshop was wildly popular and the students came away feeling accomplished and more prepared to face their future in their professions.