At Brightwave Energy we have a program that will fit your needs. Our Elements are best leveraged in our Partner Program, where we literally partner with your site to deliver your desired goals. All of our resources are at your disposal. All of the tools, metrics, processes, libraries, technology portfolios, case studies, and coaching are available through our Partner Program.

However, if your needs are simpler, we can still help you. Our Technical Support Program can provide technology analysis for specific projects that you might have in mind. It also offers training for sites and leaders who want to learn more about energy conservation, advanced & alternative fuels, and energy management.

Our energy audits are the cornerstone of the Partner Program, but can be utilized independently in our Audit Program.

When our Conservation Program is fully Integrated with our Alternative and Advanced Fuels Program, the results can be significant, often with a 50-70% reduction in carbon footprint.

These are the actual results from a site that executed the 12 Energy Elements. Energy operating costs decreased 59% during the 4 years of the Program.

Our Partner Program leverages the Energy Elements to deliver significant savings to your operations. As Partners in this work we help guide your plant resources through every step of the process to insure the maximum benefit. All of the tools that are required are provided for your use and will be accessible through both your Lead Consultant and this website's Client Center.

And as Partners, we also provide the coaching and development of your energy leaders for their continued success.

These Energy Elements have been Industry-tested and proven to be extremely effective. The results are significant. The US Department of Energy reports that the average US business reduces their energy costs by 1.5% per year. However, sites utilizing our Energy Elements are enjoying a 6.5% per year reduction sustained over the past 4 years.