Who We Are

We at Brightwave Energy are passionate about reducing your energy usage and reducing your cost. As we do this, we will also reduce your Carbon Footprint.  When our Energy Elements are applied at your site, the results are significant. 

The charts below represent the actual performance of a group of Fortune 50 Manufacturing Facilities. 

The blue bars represent their "base data" prior to the start of the Program. Each gray bar shows the subsequent month, with the green bars revealing the most recent 12 months. It is worth noting that this group of sites has enjoyed over 48 consecutive months of sustained improvement and savings.


The "smile" shape of the graph illustrates the opportunities in cold-weather climates where the intakes (air and water) are significantly different from season to season. Their seasonal impact was reduced by 38%, allowing for a more stable operation. Energy consumption was reduced by over 26% over the 48 months of this Program.